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Paternity Lawyer Melbourne

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Relationships can get complicated, and the first thing we want during such a time is to ensure the safety and happiness of our children!

Do you often find yourself struggling with questions like ‘How do I ensure I am still a part of my kid’s world?’, ‘How to get custody of my kid?’, ‘Can I readjust child support to meet my present capacity?’

Well, what you need is someone who can guide you with experience, and represent you confidently in court!

With a Brunelli Law Paternity Lawyer, this is what you get – not just a professional; but a compassionate friend and empathetic listener who is willing to lead you from confusion to a beautiful victory. 

We Offer Unmatched Legal Services on All Aspects of Paternity Law!

Establishing Custody and Visitation

Let our family lawyers take away your stress during the painful time of custody disputes and protection orders, so that you can focus on your personal health and safety. 

Our professionals expertly handle all aspects of visitation and custody. We ensure that you do not forget to establish your rights in all essential areas:

  • The details and specifications of custody rights 
  • Supervised or unsupervised visitation (permitted duration, permitted frequency, additional conditions for safety, etc.)
  • Access to the child’s medical history 
  • Guardianship dispute
  • Sanction on Protection order, Restraining order, etc. against an abusive spouse and parent

Disputed Paternity Law

As the best paternity lawyers in Melbourne, we guide our clients from the beginning to the end of a DNA paternity test process – ensuring they can trust the results and back them up legally.

You can also pay a visit to Brunelli Law in case you are no longer willing to support a child that is not biologically yours. From Termination of Child Guardianship, to Change in Inheritance Will and Compensation, discuss it with us and find the best solution to your case.

Mitigation Of Child Support Demands 

Being exceptionally trained paternity Lawyer Melbourne, our teams are well versed with the local legal regulations. With our help, you can prepare child support documents, financial reports and irrefutable claims to help adjust your child support obligation. 

Grandparent Rights

Brunelli Law honors the love a family has for one another, and we take every possible step to foster a child’s relationship with extended family, especially the grandparents!

Our competent attorneys can help you establish bullet-proof legal documents and cases to: 

  • Leave inheritance money for grandchildren
  • Ask for visitation rights from the parent
  • Legally prove that child to be unfit for parenthood in court 
  • Assume guardianship or adopt their grandchild in the absence or death of the parent
  • Prepare a trust fund for the grandchild

Adoption and Surrogacy 

Our fierce fight for justice and clarity extends to surrogate mothers, adoptive parents, birth parents, step parents and everyone else who is responsible for the well-being and upbringing of a child.

Are you looking for a family lawyer who can draft trusted legal documents for adoption? 

Do you desire a customized surrogacy contract with specific clauses that protect your rights? 

Contact our firm for a consultancy today and get a clear idea of how to expand your rights!

Why Choose Brunelli Law To Secure The Future of Your Kid?

  • Personalized, Holistic Legal Plan: At Brunelli Law, every aspect of your child’s medical, educational and cultural needs are taken into consideration. With us, you can stand fearless and prove in court, using proper evidence, why your child needs additional care and security!
  • A Well-curated Team of Multispeciality Experts: At Brunelli Law, you will meet senior attorneys, human rights lawyers, adoption process experts, counselors, human rights advocates and more that help you gather resources and support during your legal journey.
  • Impeccable and Efficient Strategies: We believe in forming the most well structured, systematic and stress free solution possible. For every client, we start with clear objectives, thorough documentation, client interviews and evidence sourcing.

Open Your Heart To a Paternity Lawyer Today – and Leave The Rest To Us!

Book a consultation with a Brunelli Law paternity lawyer if you want to know more about the complexities of family law. Allow us to take away all your stress in a comfortable and confidential atmosphere and suggest to you the many legal and social strategies that can prioritize the well-being of your child. 

Navigating Paternity Law with Compassion and Advocacy, we are here 24/7 to Guard Your Rights and Well-being!

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