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Brunelli Law is the leading family law guide for anyone seeking legal advice on divorce and custody. We are dedicated to providing top-class, innovative resolutions for any impractical or unsustainable situation that might be bothering you now!

So bring a stop to your constant search for ‘best divorce attorney near me’ and give us a call so that we can rise to your expectations and formulate the perfect mitigation or lawsuit progression plan for your case, depending clearly on your goals, demands, and complaints with the other party.

What Makes Brunelli Law a Unique Choice?

Brunelli Law has set itself apart from other litigation firms in Florida by establishing an unmatched standard of professional conduct and ethical efficiency in legal services.

Expert Guidance and Representation 

Expert guidance and steadfast representation in divorce proceedings are our two golden focal points. Our experienced attorneys know the correct language and method to present your rights in court and secure your future.

Compassionate and Efficient Counsel

Our Lawyer, Marjorie, values active listening and if focused on formulating a goal-oriented plan that works for you. The first thing we care about is your mental and social clarity. Discover compassionate, client-centered consultation like never before!

A Deep Dive into the Domestic Relationship

We spend time and effort conducting psychological and legal analysis of your domestic relationship, identifying the areas of concern that might back you up in court. If you have suffered any abuse during your marriage, now address it with our guidance while prioritizing your safety first!

We Offer Integrated Family Law Services That Put You First

Unfortunately, a divorce proceeding can get way more complicated than it needs to be due to many technical complications that must be handled. But when you pair up with a divorce attorney from Brunelli Law, all of this will be taken care of without bothering you!

We handle all aspects of a divorce or separation, including

  • Division of assets
  • Cost of divorce
  • Child custody
  • Defamation/damages reimbursement
  • Contesting prenuptial agreement
  • Domestic violence and abuse

Protect Your Stability and Dignity with Brunelli Law’s Holistic Assistance

Personalized Case Resolution

Standard practices, legal expectations, and ordinary proceedings – none of this matters to us when we are handling your case!

We at Brunelli Law understand that every relationship is different, as are the courses it takes. We only suggest family loss strategies after a thorough evaluation of your situation. No matter what, we put love, respect, and dignity first!

Teams That Receive Continuous Training

Brunelli Law not only prioritizes beneficial results but also the dignity and mental peace of both parties involved. Because of this, we encourage our attorneys and litigation professionals to regularly attend training sessions and seminars to develop sensitivity and empathy!

Further, the top-class professionals at our firm always keep themselves up to date with changing local laws about marriage and parenting.

We Help Strike a Balance

During a divorce, we help balance your relationship with your partner during a divorce by prioritizing fair resolutions that consider both parties’ needs and interests.

We facilitate constructive communication, advocate for equitable asset division, and encourage custody arrangements that put the child first.

With the best divorce attorney in Melbourne at your service, alternative dispute resolution methods can be executed perfectly, too!

Contact Brunelli Law Without Delay!

Let our compassionate team handle all the messy legal procedures for you while you can focus on your mental health!

Simply wanting you to live your best life, we at Brunelli Law not only fight for your rights assertively but also help you resolve issues with your spouse with professional mitigation and negotiation sessions.

All legal plans formulated by Brunelli Law reflect personalised solutions for the individual client. Do you want us to start working on yours without delay? Give us a call today so that we can set up a simple and conclusive consultation session with you!

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