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Your Trusted Family Law Attorneys in Melbourne

At Brunelli Law, we understand that there is more involved than just a mere legal dispute; people’s lives are involved and these lives are those of our families.

Selecting the right Family Law Attorney in Melbourne can help in preparing for any legal case without stress.

Count on our specialized team that stands by you and your family, guaranteeing that your rights are respected and your family’s future is planned.


Your Family’s Future, Safeguarded -

Chat with a Legal professional when you require advice the most.

  • Comprehensive Services: In Family Law, we deal with divorce, child custody, child support, property division, and distribution, so that you can have a new and fresh start in life.

Personalized Solutions: This is because we know that no two families can face similar situations in the same way. That is why at our office we will give personal tips and tricks to minimize risks and maximize gains

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

  • Transparent Communication: It’s often easier to understand lawyers and the law when they use their own language. Trust us; we understand your legal issues and can easily explain the processes to you.
  • Emotional and Legal Support: You are not just another case to us, and that is why we are dedicated to our profession. We’re here to lend a legal and emotional ear and help get you through this difficult period.

Getting Help from Us

Staying away from legal jargons and explaining in a friendly manner, we make the procedure easier. We try to be serious and rigorous while striving for empathy – because, after all, Family Law is about people, and you are one of them.

Why Choose Brunelli Law?

Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

Family law in Melbourne is a complex area of the law and there is no reason why you have to face it by yourself. These set Brunelli Law apart from other firms because of our focus on your best interest and your family.

  • Expertise and Experience: As an exclusively Family Law Attorney, we provide you with the specialized knowledge necessary to effectively manage your case.
  • Commitment to Clients: We are very much action-oriented when it comes to making sure that we get for you the best possible result. We don’t merely promise – we deliver more so that you can confidently flip the page and start fresh.
  • Ethical Representation: Integrity is our pillar to our practice of services. We uphold professionalism and act honestly to guarantee that equity and justice reign supreme.

Your Concerns Addressed Head-On!

Sometimes you may find it difficult to know if it is an appropriate idea to go further with your case since it may demand your emotions as well as your money. When such times come, one can feel a bit concerned about certain issues. Still, we have lots of the same clients who were confused, too, but once having professional legal assistance, they saw the difference and had more orientations as well as the ways out during the storms. Let us be your guide through what may seem like the twists and turns of a maze, so you can find the ending you need and the answers you seek.

The Brunelli Law Difference

We Listen

Your story is as valued as life itself. In this story, the major themes include:In the process, it is important to always be sure that what we are doing is acceptable and within our plan, hence we spend time understanding your position.


They care about the process of acrylic painting not just the result of it of the art of painting. Commitment here involves leveraging our experience to ensure that results obtained are favorable to our client.

Supportive Environment

It is quite challenging trying to settle issues concerning domestic relations. The caring attitude of Case Management Services needs of people can become fractured and that our commitment to supporting and protecting them never wavers.



Connect With Us

Therefore, if you want to find any kind of resolution and put this whole mess behind you, let’s discuss this. This means whether you are unsure of your legal position because you are going through a divorce, you are confused about custody arrangements or are entangled in issues to do with property disposition, then Brunelli Law is here to help.


Any Family Can Start Planning Their Financial Protection and Provision


You are welcome to obtain legal advice from the Brunelli Law Firm by calling us or filling in the form on the website. It is today’s passage to a better and more secure tomorrow for you and your loved ones.


Therefore, we have remained focused on ensuring your total well-being and mental peace are considered and achieved. ”We stand with you and offer our support during this difficult period for you and your loved ones with professionalism. At Brunelli Law, we are your counselors, your advocates, and most importantly, your support system for all that is important to you.


Discover our comprehensive services tailored to your needs. From legal consultations to representation, we’re dedicated to your satisfaction.



Seeking the best divorce attorney in Melbourne? Look no further. With unparalleled expertise, a compassionate approach, and a proven track record, we provide top-tier legal representation tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth transition through this challenging time.

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