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Do changes at home­ bother your mental health? You may ne­ed help from a legal e­xpert!

With Brunelli Law, one of the top law firms in Florida, you can expect exceptional legal services. Our team, led by our attorney Marjorie, includes experts in landlord-tenant disputes, tenancy housing, senior legal matters, and professional litigation management.

Our clie­nts now can understand their issue and find affordable­ legal solutions quickly. No matter how complex your situation is, we­ are here to he­lp you!

Safeguard Your Property and Shelter With the Right Law Firm!

We at Brunelli Law understand the importance of bringing all legal disputes to a speedy conclusion, especially when your personal life depends on it! 

We have what you desire:

  • Timely, Innovative Solution to Problems: Our legal efforts are centred around thoroughly diagnosing laws. We offer the client our best resources, which are adjusted according to their needs. They include managing facilities, easy-to-follow licensing practices, and supervision for peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Tech-Savvy, 24/7 Legal Support: Our team has embraced a variety of modern ways to serve the clients, beginning by providing beyond-attorneys’ support. From online case updates to virtual consultations, and emergency help around the clock, we provide you with each and every possible service.
  • Drafting of Personalized Lawsuit Progression Plans: Being experts in the field we present you with legal support as per your estate type. At our company we have experts who are specialized in the transformation of a variety of statements like our firm has policy to drafting customized legal plans that are the perfect fit for your needs that will lead to the establishment of your housing future.

We Help Clients Find Innovative Tenancy Solutions

For us, your comfort and stability are always of first importance. 

Our team believes in conducting a detail-oriented, systematic study of your case, after which we look for unique strategies and approaches to give your situation a victorious twist!

All kinds of legal help are available at Brunelli Law:

Housing Discrimination

Many tenants around the country are now facing legal charges and social harassment for just being who they are. The good news is, with our expert tenancy guidance, you can now challenge these views in court and expand your right to live the way you want.

Non-payment or Rent Delay

Working with an uncooperative tenant is every landlord’s nightmare. We can help you draft a rent delay warning, legal notice, or contract termination notice that keeps you safe from counter-arguments. 

Get your property back and secure reimbursement for any damage caused without unnecessary drama – with Brunelli Law, you can choose the right way to do things!

Forceful Eviction

Did you get evicted from your home without reason? We can help. A landlord-tenant dispute lawyer from Brunelli Law specialises in defending tenants’ rights. 

Contact us today for expert legal assistance in challenging unjust evictions and securing the protections you deserve under the law without spending unreasonable amounts of time and money!

Suspicious Activity

Any landlord-tenant relationship can end when we discover the individual getting involved in suspicious activity. This includes illegal substances, unwarranted visits, upsetting the neighbourhood community, etc. 

Did you recently notice something like that? Come to us legal professionals at Brunelli Law and handle the situation without getting yourself in trouble.

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Are­ you ready to deal with the hard parts of laws about landlords and te­nants? Call us today!

At Brunelli Law, we know about differe­nt kinds of owning property. We understand the rule­s for people renting. 

We­ even know the diffe­rent laws in different place­s that might stop you from getting what’s fair. Our lawyers work hard to give you pe­rsonal solutions just for your problem. We do it quickly and in new ways.

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