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A revolutionary business idea can indeed transform your life. But are you afraid to make the final move and start your corporation because you don’t know how to form and secure your business legally? Worry no more because we are here to simplify this process for you!

We at Brunelli Law understand how confusing running a business can be in today’s hybrid, globalized market. When it comes to companies, you need a team of highly educated and experienced Incorporation Attorneys who can support all your commercial choices with legal backing.

Why Do You Need Us?

Why should you partner with an incorporation attorney in Melbourne from Brunelli Law? 

Valuable, Timeless Experience

Our Melbourne branch has attorneys with years of experience and knowledge in Business Law – with specializations in up-and-coming niche commerce like social media marketing, AI engineering, and personal growth. 

If you are an entrepreneur, our Legal experts will help you form a solid socio-financial foundation for your business to stand on!

Clever Strategies To Safeguard Your Rights  

Our senior attorneys have been some of the most well-renowned experts in the world of business law! These professionals will help you determine the structure that best suits you and your business, making the process easier. 

No matter how tricky or unimaginable the situation is, our attorneys do everything possible to deliver the best results.

Expertise across the field

The legal team at our Brunelli Law branch has studied and practiced emergency law for years, so when you face a crisis, you no longer have to handle everything alone! 

Our attorneys work on a constantly updated knowledge base with brilliant track records in handling urgent legal proceedings, whether Intellectual rights, False Lawsuits, or Mergers. 

They also consult you in preventing potential violations of laws and ensure that your business runs smoothly without getting into legal trouble.

Set of Services that Cover All Your Needs!

Brunelli Law provides many services throughout Melbourne, most of them dedicated to helping small businesses start from scratch and contributing to the city’s welfare and development.

Strategic Guidance

Are you opening a new business? We at Brunelli Law can help you navigate the options that best suit you, your business goals, and your hidden passion. 

For our regular clients, we monitor tax implications, ethical compliances, and legal drawbacks of each decision they make and report it beforehand to save them from any lawsuit later!

We also assist in drafting various important documents like shareholder agreements and bylaws. 


We take care of the court proceedings, legal procedures, and mitigation sessions by representing you on the legal front. 

Also, you can rest assured that we will provide you with regular updates on the inevitable business trials, hearings, and appeals so that they do not affect the other commercial tasks you must take care of. 

Our incorporation lawyers also assist with the drafting and reviewing of legal documents and their submission in court.

Specialized Expertise in Corporate Finance

Brunelli Law provides expert guidance on long-term goals, minimizing tax, and other support regarding how your company can grow. 

Partnering with our firm also enhances the company’s credibility, increasing interest by potential investors and clients. Similarly, we will handle insurance, licensing, and business contracts for you in the future as we proceed step by step!

Our Expert Guidance Can Help You Legalize Your Business Within Hours!

Business Law can be complex, lengthy, and sometimes terrifying with the powers in play. But you need not worry;  with our Incorporation Attorney and skilled team, you can sit back and focus on your business; we are here to take care of everything for you:

  1. Our team handles the speedy filing of all documents and evidence.
  2. Our lawyers and team carefully draft a petition to be submitted in court.
  3. Our team then advocates for you in court, representing the violation of your rights as a business and business owner, and submits the evidence.
  4. Our team strategizes with you, providing the best ways to win in the court and alternatives that suit you, as we believe in complete transparency with our clients.

Let Brunelli Law Be Your Companion Through The Good and The Bad Times. 

Do you want to talk to us, call us, or send us your business documents? Our lines are open 24/7! Enjoy the freedom of creating and distributing unique products and services among your loyal customers without getting into legal problems. 

You can count on us for every complex responsibility, from asset allocation to sustainable production compliance! Brunelli Law teams specialize in various fields of criminal and civil law. If your intellectual safety and protection are your top priority, our firm will have the right environment for you.

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