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Landlord Tenant Disputes are regulated by Florida Statutes. As such, both landlords and tenants have rights and obligations under the law.  Most people have entered or will enter into a lease agreement at some point in their lives.  

The legal representation of a landlord can involve drafting and reviewing lease agreements, to resolving legal disputes with their tenants, starting a tenant eviction process, or initiating a collection action for unpaid rent, or the costs of repairing damages caused to the property by the tenant.

The legal representation of a tenant can ensure the landlord is providing the tenant with quiet enjoyment of the property, and making necessary repairs to the property.  If the landlord is not providing these essentials, the tenant may have the right to withhold payment of rent until the conditions and/or damages are improved.  It provides protection against improper eviction (commonly referred to as “self-help”) by the landlord.  

To know more about your rights and obligations under your lease agreement and Florida Law, contact attorney Marjorie Brunelli for a consultation.