Practice Areas


Florida Statutes Chapter 718 regulates Condominiums and Chapter 720, Homeowner’s Associations.  Brunelli Law, P.A. assists associations with their legal needs such as: drafting letters to unit owners regarding violations of the association’s rules or governing documents; initiating legal action against independent contractors, unit owners and/or vendors, involving foreclosures, breach of contract, among others. 

For the association’s convenience, Brunelli Law differentiates itself from other firms by offering a very flexible payment schedule where the association can choose either a flat monthly rate, which covers all basic needs of the association such as preparation of letters, review and interpretation of association documents and unlimited telephone calls.  Another option is an extremely competitive hourly rate retainer. 

Contact attorney Marjorie Brunelli to find out how she can assist you not only with your legal needs but also in maintaining a low cost annual budget for attorney’s fees.  Your unit owners will certainly appreciate it!