Practice Areas


Brunelli Law handles a variety of business law matters, covering all your needs from the creation of your corporation to preparation of legal contracts, as well as your business immigration needs through business type visas. 

A few examples of types of contracts we handle: leases, sales, operating agreements, independent contractor agreements, shareholder agreements, notes, mortgages, guarantees, deeds, transfers of interests, among others.

As to business visas, we handle L1 visas, multinational executive transfers, investment visas and extraordinary ability visas.

In Florida, a contract can only be formed when four elements are met: mutual understanding of the parties (commonly referred to as “meeting of the minds”), offer, acceptance and valid consideration.

Many times after a contract is created, its validity is called into question.  The best way to avoid this problem is to have an attorney assist you in the preparation of your contract. Other times, a party fails to perform their obligation under the contract, leading to a possible breach of the contract.  In this case, the injured party may be able to recover damages.

If you are dealing with a breach of contract issue, you must consult a competent attorney who will be able to explain your rights and obligations under the contract. 

Attorney Marjorie Brunelli can assist you with all your corporate and business needs and provide you with guidance as to business immigration options available to you.